Buyer’s Guide for Vacuum Cleaner

Question1: What are the different types of 220v vacuum cleaners?

Answer 1:  Vacuum cleaners are one of the most effective cleaning tools in house. They are used to clean floors, upholstery and other surfaces in a house. It helps in reducing potential allergens and improves the quality of indoor air. There is a wide spectrum of 220 volt vacuum cleaners in the market. Some of the popular types include wet & dry vacuum, upright vacuums, canister vacuums, steam vacuums, backpack and robotic vacuum cleaners. It is a bit daunting task to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. 

220 volts Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaners - A 220 volts wet & dry vacuum cleaner is ideal for you if you want to cut down your expenses on expensive cleaning. For example, let us take cleaning of carpets.  This type of vacuum cleaner makes cleaning of your expensive items such as carpets and other upholstery items easy and affordable.  With carpet shampoo and a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you can make your carpets look like new at an affordable cleaning cost. It will also rescue you from a spillage too. 220 volts wet & dry vacuum cleaners have large capacities and can be either bagged or bag-less.

220 volts Upright Vacuum cleaners - 220 volts upright vacuum cleaners have the ability to stand in the upright position. It is all because of this feature that they have got this name. They are best recommended for cleaning heavily covered or carpeted areas. The main parts of this vacuum cleaner include intake and exhaust ports, a motor for driving the fan, a receptacle to collect debris and dust. All these parts are attached to the handle which controls the entire unit. There is a compartment at the bottom of the unit where motor, fan and intake port are located. Apart from running the fan, it also powers a series of rotating bristles. When the power is turned on, the brushes sweeps the carpet as the fan suctions the dirt and debris. During cleaning, the dust and debris get collected into the bag or the receptacle. Some of 220 volts upright models also have flexible hoses and attachments.  These additions in the tools make cleaning easy. You can use the tools to clean tough corners and staircases.

220 volts Canister Vacuum cleaners – 220 volt canister vacuum cleaners consist of a long wand connected to a canister by a flexible hose. The main components of this type of vacuum cleaners include a motor and a receptacle. The function of receptacle is to collect dust. It is quite convenient to clean with a 220 vacuum cleaner with canister. The canister can be mounted on wheels while cleaning. This enables a user to pull the cleaner around the room as they clean. You can use this cleaning tool to clean wooden floors, tiles, draperies and upholstery. It is highly versatile and effective because of the variety of attachments.

220 volts Steam Vacuum cleaners - Some of the 220 volt vacuum cleaners are designed for removing the toughest dirt and debris.  And the best example of such type of vacuum cleaners is 220 volt steam vacuum cleaners.  They are designed to take on the toughest cleaning job at home with much ease. They are used for heavy cleaning such as carpet cleaning and removing stubborn stains from surfaces. A 220 volt steam vacuum cleaner will pick up dust and debris without the use of any debris. With this type of vacuum cleaners, you can make your work much easy. Although they do not require any detergent but they do require steaming time.

220 volts Hand Held Vacuum cleaners – A 220 volt hand held vacuum cleaner is a small tool that is generally used with an upright vacuum cleaner. It is compact and portable. It makes it easy to clean small spills and hard to reach areas such as stairs, corners and interiors of the car. These vacuum cleaners are affordable and available in both cord and cordless options. Some of the models also have rotating bristles in addition to the normal suction area. You can use such models to remove pet hair from upholstery or collect debris in a shop.

220 volts Backpack Vacuum cleaners - 220 volts backpack vacuum cleaners are for those who want maximum adaptability during cleaning. They are mainly designed for commercial cleaning. It has a powerful motor and can clean surfaces efficiently.

220 volt Robotic Vacuum cleaners – A 220 volt robotic vacuum cleaner is a light-weight device crafted in such a way that it requires less assistance to operate.  This tool operates according to the instructions fed into its program by the user. The instructions can be entered using the device’s console or the remote control. What its good about a 220 robotic vacuum cleaner is that it does its work while you are busy completing other household chores.  Even some of these tools have settings to help users select the intensity of cleaning. A 220 volt robotic vacuum cleaner is also called automatic vacuum cleaner. The machine will automatically turn off once the work is completed.


Question2: Which 220v vacuum cleaner is better, Upright Vacuum cleaner or Canister Vacuum cleaner?

Answer 2:  When deciding between an upright vacuum cleaner and canister vacuum cleaner, you should first analyze your needs. Canisters are compact and lightweight. They are ideal for climbing up and down the stairs. Also most of the canister models come with retractable cords. This eradicates the tiresome task of wrapping the cord around the unit for storage. You can use canisters to clean spaces which are not under your direct reach.  Upright vacuum cleaner is a good option for those who have difficulty in bending over while cleaning. An upright model also has more space to hold debris than a canister. The bag of upright is bigger than a canister bag. An upright vacuum cleaner will help you reach large extent as a good number of models available in the market feature telescoping hoses.


Question3: What are the features to consider while purchasing 220v vacuum cleaner?

Answer 3:  A 220 vacuum cleaner is a very useful cleaning tool.  While choosing one for your housekeeping needs, you should determine the style and type so that your job is solved. The 220 volts vacuum cleaners available in the market are loaded with many features to improve the overall performance. The features help to improve the efficiency of these tools. Take a close look at the features to make sure you choose the best vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs.

Bag or Bag-less

220 volt vacuum cleaners come with bag or bag-less feature. Some of them have bags to collect dirt and debris. They hold more dirt and empting them releases less dust in the air. There is an indicator which lets you know that the bag is full with dirt. Once it is full, you can empty it before it impairs cleaning. With bag-less vacuum cleaners, you can save money as you will not have to worry about buying bags. But yes, you need to use more filters that need to be periodically cleaned or replaced.  You need to take your own decision while choosing the option of bag or bag-less vacuum cleaner.

Multi-surface Flooring

Modern homes have different type of flooring. They can be of different types. For example tile floors, vinyl floors, laminate floors, granite floors and marble floors. You must always choose a 220 volt vacuum cleaner that can clean multi-surface flooring. There is no death of versatile vacuum cleaners in the market. So choose a 220 vacuum cleaner that can clean multiple floors.


Power of a 220 vacuum cleaner is measured in Watts. The power of vacuum cleaner is a good indicator of how well it performs at cleaning. When the wattage of motor is more, it means it will work more effectively and will have more performance. When you are buying a 220 volt vacuum cleaner, find out the capacity in terms of wattage. You need to invest in a more powerful tool if you want a heavy duty tool.


Filters are one of the main components of 220 volt vacuum cleaners. It improves the quality of indoor air. Different types of filters are available in the market. Vacuum cleaners come with two types of filters. One is replaceable filter and the other is lifetime filters. Replaceable filters will need replacement after a certain length of time. On the other hand lifetime filters do not need any replacing. They will work as long as your vacuum cleaners work.           

Keep the above points in mind while you are buying a vacuum cleaner for your use as buying this cleaning tool is much like an investment. You will definitely end up buying a good housekeeping tool to keep your home free of dust and allergens.