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The DAV-DZ777 features S-AIR technology, Dialogue Enhancer, Night Mode, DIGITAL MEDIA PORT and 2-way 2-unit (Passive Radiator) speaker system.

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  • All regions PAL or NTSC (Regions 1-6) playback
  • Playback of PAL DVD requires a PAL TV or a video converter
  • Plays DVD Video, DiVX,  DVD-R, Audio CD, MP3, CD-R, CD-R/W Playback



Power Output - Front (RMS)                              143W x 2

Power Output - Center (RMS)                            143W

Power Output - Surround (RMS)                         143W x 2

Power Output - Subwoofer (RMS)                       285W

Power Output - Total (RMS at 10% THD)             1000W



S-Master                                                       Yes

Audio Line IN/OUT (Analogue)                            2 /

Audio Line IN/OUT (Optical)                              1 /

Audio Line IN/OUT (Coaxial)                              1 /

Audio Input (Front, mini)                                  1

Video Signal IN/OUT (Composite)                        / 1

Video Signal IN/OUT (Component)                      / 1

Video Signal OUT (HDMI)                                  Yes (1080p)

USB                                                              1

Headphone Jack (3.5mm / 6.3 mm)                     3.5 mm

D.C.A.C (Auto Calibration)                                 Yes

Bass Boost Function (Dynamic Bass on RM)          Yes

Night Mode (Normal/Plus)                                  Normal

Portable Audio Enhancer                                   Normal

Dolby Pro Logic/Dolby Pro Logic II                       / Yes

Dolby Digital                                                   Yes

DTS                                                              Yes

Multi Stereo (Link)                                           Yes

A/V Sync (Lip Sync)                                        Yes

Speaker Formation                                           Yes (low)

Timer (REC/PLAY/SLEEP)                                   Yes ( / / Yes)

S-AIR Ready                                                   Yes

BRAVIA Sync                                                  Yes

DIGITAL MEDIA PORT                                        1



Decoding Format for Sound (Playback)                MP3, WMA, AAC, JPEG

Enccoding Format for Sound (Record)                 MP3

MP3 File Name/ID3Tag Ver. 1.1/ID3Tag Ver.2.0)    Yes / Yes / Yes

Play Mode (Normal)                                          Yes (1 DEVICE)

Play Mode (Shuffle)                                         Yes (1 FOLDER)

Play Mode (Repeat)                                         Yes

Play Mode (Resume)                                        Yes

Recording Source (CD)                                     Yes

Recording Source - DATA DISC (MP3)                 Yes

Recording Mode - Nomal (CD)                            Yes (by disc / by track)

Recording Mode - Normal (DATA DISC - MP3)       Yes (by folder / by track)

Recording Mode - Program                                Yes (CD only)

Recording Speed - CD                                      2.5X

Recording Speed - DATA DISC (MP3)                  20X Max

Edit - ERASE (ALL / 1 FOLDER / 1 TRACK)            / Yes / Yes



Band                                                             FM / AM

External FM/AM Antenna                                   Yes (FM: 75 ohm)

Station Preset                                                FM20 / AM10

Tuning Range (AM)                                          530 ~ 1602 kHz (9k step)

Tuning Range (FM)                                          87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz



Type                                                             1 Disc Tray

DVD/DVD Audio/SACD/CD/Video CD                     Yes / / Yes / Yes / Yes

DVD/CD/SACD TEXT                                         Yes / Yes / Yes

CD-R/CD-RW Playback                                      Yes / Yes

DVD-R/+R/+R DL/+RW/-RW/-RW (VR) Playback

(Some discs may not be played back)                 Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes

DivX Playback                                                 Yes

JPEG Playback                                                Yes

MP3 Playback                                                 Yes

MP3/ID3Tag Ver.1.1/iD3Tag Ver.2.0                    Yes / Yes / Yes

Multi Disc Resume (DVD, VCD)                           10 Discs

Progressive Scan (NTSC/PAL)                            Yes / Yes

Precision Cinema Progressive                             Yes

D/A Converter (Video)                                      108MHz/12bit




Front Speaker Type (Grill)                                 Floorstanding (Punched Metal)

Front Speaker System                                      2 way 2 unit + Passive Radiator

Front Speaker Woofer Unit                                6.5cm

Front Speaker Tweeter Unit                              5cm

Front Speaker Length of Supplied Cable               4.5m x 2

Centre Speaker System                                    1 way (Full Range)

Centre Speaker Unit                                         6.5cm

Centre Speaker Length of Supplied Cable             3m x 1

Surround Speaker Type (Grill)                            Floorstanding (Punched Metal)

Surround Speaker System                                 1 way (Full Range)

Surround Speaker Unit                                      6.5cm

Surround Speaker Length of Supplied Cable          4.5m x 2

Subwoofer System                                          DDTD

Subwoofer - Active/Passive                              Passive

Subwoofer Speaker Unit                                   16cm

Subwoofer Length of Supplied Cable                   3.5m x 1



Main Unit Size (W x H x D)                                Approx. 430 x 66 x 385 mm

Main Unit Weight                                             Approx. 4.2kg

Front Speaker Size (W x H x D)                          Approx. 113 x 830 x 84 mm

Front Speaker Weight                                      Approx. 1.9kg

Front Speaker (with stands) Size (W x H x D)       Approx. 315 x (1,015 - 1,335) x 315 mm

Front Speaker (with stands) Weight                    Approx. 3.8kg

Centre Speaker Size (W x H x D)                        Approx. 265 x 93 x 71 mm

Centre Speaker Weight                                     Approx. 0.7kg

Surround Speaker Size (W x H x D)                     Approx. 108 x 540 x 78 mm

Surround Speaker Weight                                  Approx. 1.2kg

Surround Speaker (with stands) Size (W x H x D)  Approx. 290 x (1,045 - 1,230) x 290 mm

Surround Speaker (with stands) Weight               Approx. 2.9kg

Subwoofer Size (W x H x D)                               Approx. 225 x 395 x 325 mm

Subwoofer Weight                                           Approx. 6.1kg


Power Supply:                                                            

110-220-240 Volts 50-60 Hertz



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