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This Converter not only converts your Pal<->NTSC<->Secam, but it also upconverts your signal to HD quality for your new HDTV. It has Component oututs to Connect to your tv

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  • Excellent Pal <-> NTSC <-> Secam video converter
  • 110-220 volts for world wide use
  • 64 MB Ram for Smooth artifact free HD conversion
  • Uses standard analog Composite (RCA) or S-Video connection input
  • Upconverts Output to NTSC or PAL 1080P Component output
  • Enhances and Upconverts all signals to 1080p HD output or the max resolution your TV can handle
  • Crisp and clear converted picture
  • Excellent for DVD players, VCRs, Game counsels and Analog TV signal through stallite, VCR, or cable box to connect to TV with HD component input. Y/PB/PR (red/blue/green cable)
  • Does not have HDMI input or outputs
  • Allows you to use your NTSC HDTV tv overseas in Europe, Asia, Africa or other places.

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